Endorsements have been a big part of a sportsman’s life, and every now and then they feature in big brands. But evidently, however good they may be on the field, their skills in acting or the content of commercials, oftentimes can be a huge let down. In contrast to these fiascos however, there have been TVCs which are genuinely entertaining. Let us reminisce about some of the commercials involving cricketers or cricket at large, which were lame or hilarious, and some good ones which we might not have seen.

Ace Srilankan pace bowler Lasith Malinga is popular for his toe crushers with his slinging action. A Pepsi commercial takes us to the origin of his action, and how he picked it up from a traffic policeman. It is this policeman’s advice that he took on to the field. Change the game, he said.



Remember how NIKE made a commercial featuring the Brazilian soccer team in an airport during a Soccer World Cup? Pepsi Pakistan decided to make a spinoff of the TVC and make a version of their own during the World Cup of Cricket, 2011. The acting, as well as the direction was far from convincing, resulting in an extremely lame commercial. The commercial can still make you laugh, but not exactly in a way the producers wanted it to probably.

AB De Villiers’ Horse ride
Lays South Africa made a TVC starring JP Duminy and AB De Villiers during the 2011 World Cup. While munching away on the packet of chips, Duminy and AB discuss what they should be doing do in India. AB wants to ride a horse, while Duminy prefers a Bollywood dance number. This TVC is short and humorous; ABD’s expressions are superb.

This advertisement has creativity and it is hilarious. The footage is partly drawn from matches that Australia was a part of (don’t mind the scoreboard though). Here Clarke explains (dubbed) how Ricky Ponting wanted a Backyard Bucket; the best part is when focus shifts to a thoughtful Ponting wagging his tongue.


Dravid endorsed Kissan Jam and became JAMMY in this advertisement, We do see one or two hilarious avatars of an adorable young Rahul Dravid. Since he is not allowed to have his JAM he keeps making hilarious attempts to get his coveted product. The TVC is really funny and so is JAMMY.

Gilchrist is perhaps one of the best guys in Australian cricket. It is cute and adorable when he tries to flirt in Hindi with a girl, obviously assisted by his DECCAN Chargers teammates, but the girl doesn’t know. This ad puts a smile on one’s face, especially during the climax.

Shakib learns a trick from a girl who is annoyed with his repeated failures. When he finally delivers, she advices him to use his new trick, super scoop, in the world cup. This was one of the funnier advertisements in the Pepsi : Change the Game campaign during the 2011 World Cup.


This again is a Pepsi commercial, but if we go by Pakistani standards of creativity,  this is relatively well made. Shoaib realises in the middle of his date that it’s time to go home before Bob Woolmer is on the lookout for him in the hotel. He doesn’t forget to grab his Pepsi and rides the bike, pulls off some stunts, and manages a few oops moment before beating Woolmer to his room. However, Woolmer comes to know everything when he sees the Pepsi glass.


This is a Retro advertisement. The Kiwi team is displayed fighting it out on the field, but their real manliness is shown to be lying in the comfort in their effort. When the team meets in the bathroom, they are high in spirits, primarily because of the Jockey briefs that they are wearing.


This was one of the best Pepsi ads of the years past. When the team is done with practice, Ganguly, Dravid and others decide to take a break. However, the young Bhajji is asked to keep practicing. When they move on to their Pepsi stock, they see a lion resting in the area. They somehow manage to get a hold of the stock without disturbing the lion ,as Bhajji hits a sixer.


The face of Bangladesh cricket Shakib al Hasan has captured the imagination of his nation like no other cricketer before him , and even in theaters they are showing a movie called “Allrounder number 1”. Babies born in hospitals are bearing his name, such is the trust and faith. The advertisement is a blend of entertainment, and a little lameness when we reach the climax. But still, it perhaps remains one of the best ads made on a Bangladeshi Cricketer.

There have been many other advertisements made on cricketers, like the one’s I presented here, which have tickled our funny bones for being laugh riots for various reasons. Kindly mention the one’s that you feel should have been a part of this list.

~Supriyo Das


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